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Long-Term Care Planning focuses on managing assets and available government benefits to provide high quality health care.

This can involve two different types of issues. One type of planning deals with the challenges faced by clients who are already receiving long-term care in a nursing home or assisted living facility or who could need that kind of care in the near future. These clients receive help:

managing their existing assets, consistent with government rules

applying for Family Care or Medicaid (Title 19) benefits

exploring the limited opportunities available to preserve assets

A second type of planning applies where the threat of long-term care expenses is farther in the future. With the opportunity to plan 5 or more years ahead, clients can consider strategies and tools that will preserve assets and provide for resources to pay for high quality medical care.

The beginning of any discussion of long-term care planning is the Secure Future Conversation™. This involves a one-hour meeting with Attorney Fitzgerald to discuss the client's specific circumstances, the particular risks that they face and some steps that the client may consider. The client can then consider options and make choices without pressure or obligation.

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