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A list of helpful questionnaires to get you started working with Fitzgerald Law Office on estate planning, applying for Medicaid benefits, planning to protect assets from nursing home bills or setting up an LLC or Corporation.

The Gold Star Estate Plan
A complete estate plan is much more than just a Will or a Trust. The Gold Star Estate Plan™ includes the documents you need to meet your needs.

Estate Solution
It is difficult to know where to start after a family member passes away. Estate Solution™ - Inventory lets you know what information and documents you need to have in order to begin taking care of an estate.

What is Simple Estate Planning?
You should always take care of the issues that are important for your family. However, it is difficult to know what is "simple" and what is "complicated" when thinking about your own estate plan.

Estate Tax Risk Factors - Single Person

Nobody likes the idea of paying estate taxes. In fact, not everyone needs to pay these taxes at death. This tool will help a single person think about estate taxes and how they would affect their family.

Estate Tax Risk Factors - Married Couple
When it comes to estate taxes, married couples are treated differently from single people. Married couples can plan differently and are allowed special deductions and exemptions. This tool will help a married couple understand whether estate taxes will affect their family.

Estate Plan Watchdog
The Estate Plan Watchdog™ allows you to control the beneficiary designations and other non-probate arrangements that can upset or damage your estate plan.

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