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The Advantage Pathway

There are so many things to consider when planning for the future. Every family has its own unique story and there are so many options available. You can also get bombarded with an enormous amount of information regarding the important issues and tools that you might use. Putting it all together can be a challenge.

At Fitzgerald Law Office, we use a unique process called The Advantage Pathway™ to help clients become more focused, knowledgeable, organized and confident about the decisions that they make for themselves and their families. Through this process clients not only receive documents and advice, but are able to take full advantage of an experienced legal advisor's talents in a way that relieves confusion, organizes the complicated issues and provides confidence in the face of overwhelming situations.

The Advantage Pathway™ is a simple four-step process that applies to any area of the firm's practice. Each step puts the client in the best position to utilize the benefits of working with an experienced advisor. Along the way, The Advantage Pathway™ focuses attention on the crucial aspects of the client's affairs so that the client can feel comfortable, confident and in control.


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